Written by Eddie Han and visualized by Curt Merlo. This Novelzine ( a novel augmented with editorial art) is the love child of illustrated stories and the written word. 336 pages of thrilling story intertwined with over 70 Illustrations including advertisements, newspaper clippings, maps and propaganda posters from the world of Parabolis. Parabolis has been described as Low/Fantasy Steampunk meets Russian 1920's complete with conspiracies, secret societies, war occupations, Rebel uprisings all wrapped within a delicate love story.


The Art was inspired by Russian Constructivism and Communist Propaganda with overtones of Gerd Arntz's early 1900's Isotypes. These works were all created by combining digital geometry with rich textures of aged, low culture print materials. There are over 70 Illustrations in the book including advertisements, maps and other materials from the world of Parabolis. 


The Novelzine is split up into three books. In between each book are buffer pages filled with stylized print materials. This simulates the editorial medium as well as giving the reader more context to the world of parabolis. It is designed with three different colored pages to mark three separate points of view. The entire book is Black, White, Creme and Orange.


Parabolis the novelzine (336 page / 70+ illustrations) Matte Flexibind Cover 

Art Work