Curt Merlo’s editorial illustrations have been seen in the following notable publications: 

Wired / The Washington Post / Bloomberg Businessweek / The Guardian / The Observer /  Scientific American /  Ebony / The Nation / The Boston Globe / ProPublica / The Village Voice / LA Weekly / Seattle Weekly / 5280 / The Mckinsey Quarterly / The New Republic / The Hollywood Reporter / Little White Lies /  As well as a monthly contributor to the Indianapolis Monthly "The Beat" Column. 

His work has also been recognized in the American Illustration Annual the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.8No.11, No.12,  and Gestalten’s book Illustration Unlimited. In 2015 Curt finished his second art book which is an American Cold War propaganda book in the style of 1960's ephemera titled RED FLAG! His first book was published in 2013 by Saboteur Press and is a 336 page Novelize titled Parabolis. Curt's work has also appeared on album covers, Theater posters, and in movies. 

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