Carnaval City

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carnaval city.jpg

Carnaval City


This is a limited edition print taken from a page in the novelize Parabolis, Written by Eddie Han and illustrated by Curt Merlo. 

Carnaval City is a small city in the world of Parabolis. named after the large harvest carnival that happens once a year. This is a vintage style poster to advertise the years carnival and events. Full of circus freaks and snake oil salesmen with a hint of darkness as all carnivals tend to have. 

Image area is 9" x 12" with a 1" white border. 
Total print size is 11" x 14". 

Printed on quality matte paper. 

Limited edition print numbered and signed in pencil by creator Curt Merlo. 25 total prints in this limited series.

Shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

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