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Curt Merlo’s Editorial Illustrations have been seen in the following notable publications:

The Mckinsey Quarterly / Bloomberg Businessweek / Scientific American / FREE mag / Village Voice / LA Weekly / Miami New Times

As well as being recognized in 3x3 Illustration Annual No.8,No.11 and Gestalten’s Book Illustration Unlimited. Curt also recently finished his first illustrated Novel titled Parabolis a 336 page Art novel. Parabolis was published in 2013 by Saboteur Press.
Curt’s Illustration process always has handmade roots (pencil , paper, elbow grease and brainwaves) but expands to become digitally integrated. The work is then run through a transferring process where he uses vintage printers and chemicals to apply a physical texture. He also utilize a collage technique that combines his vast library of 1950s sun stained imagery and his fascination with straight lined geometry. Curt also dedicates time to experimenting with new methods that fuel his fine art pieces.
Frequency and Delivery
When Curt is not making images he is keeping up on his blog where he releases a new update every friday. This is where Curt documents the inner workings of his art process. Every quarter he complies the art pieces and thought pieces into an single Art Digest which it is delivered directly to his subscribers inboxes. Please subscribe below to begin receiving these updates. Subscribing is a good way to stay in contact if you are interested in his work but don’t have a specific project in mind. Thank you.